The Greener Side of Facebook

Posted on November 7, 2010


It seems like every major corporation and business nowadays is attempting to be greener and more environmentally friendly, and Facebook is no different.

Facebook has their very own green page  ( that members can “like” and visit to view green news from the social media giant.  Under its info page, the first sentence under their “Mission” section says, “One of our core values at Facebook is the responsibility to do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact on the planet.”  This hasn’t turned out to be a hollow promise.

On November 3, Facebook showed off its energy efficiency in terms of its data center.  According to Facebook, these energy savings translate to reduced CO2 emissions equivalent to 395 cars or the electricity usage of 251 homes and will save them approximately $273,000 annually.  They provided this picture to illustrate their impact and a translation in text at the bottom:

Some of other Facebook’s efforts include:

  • Recycling: “the net benefits of our efforts have eliminated 294 tons of CO2 Emissions, comparable to taking 59 mid-sized cars off the road.”
  • Water Conservation: “Facebook’s various water conservation efforts have reduced our water consumption by nearly 60%, or the equivalent of more than 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools annually.”
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: “These measures have saved enough electricity to power 330 homes for a year.”
  • Transportation: “These shared, public and green rides are used by more than 40% of our employees, removing the equivalent of 839 mid-sized cars off the road.”
  • Energy-Efficient Computing (click here for specifics and more info)

Its current partners include The Alliance to Save Energy, Digital Energy Solutions Campaign, and The Green Grid.

Maybe Facebook’s efforts primarily stem from wanting to save money, but its efforts are nothing to scoff at.  With over 28,000 fans, it will easily be able to spread “green news” and “green practices.”  This is definitely an organization worth keeping an eye on in terms of its greener ways.

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